Sunday, August 6, 2017

Big Sunday BFG Pack Rip

Aloha, everybody, 

It's time for a pack rip! It's always time for that, right? 

Here are three more packs from the big box o' fun that I won in JBFs Big Fun Game. 

Let's see what we pulled. We'll start off with Fleer '90. I was surprised to find this guy with the same name - Jose DeLeon - as that of a prized (at least, to me) Dodgers prospect who was recently traded away to the Rays for that hole in the lineup, Logan Forsythe.

 RIP Bobby Welch, World Series Hero. 

Next up is 1991 Topps. This first card is Rene Gonzalez, the son of a close family friend. A local kid who went on to play for the Angels and O's. 

Gonzalez's experience with the O's must have been bittersweet. Although his career was blocked by being the backup shortstop to Iron Man Cal Ripken, he experienced first-hand the historical run of the Iron Man, sitting in the Orioles' dugout as Ripken chased and broke Lou Gerhrig's record. 

Here's an All-Star Rookie Cup. 

 Speaking of All-Stars, it's always good to pull a Rickey. 

Last, and sorta least, is 1988 Score. This pack was full of scrubs. I managed to pull a Dodger. 

These Score packs always have a "remember when" card. 

This one recalls the ML debut (and end) of 3' 7" Eddie Gaedel's career. His single at bat was a publicity stunt that became legend. 

I recently attended the Shrine of the Eternals Induction Ceremony, and the president of the Eddie Gaedel Society was there, as he always is. The society annunally remembers Gaedel's day in the sun with a party in a local St. Louis watering hole. If interested, look them up online for more info. 

This is a pin from the society that I picked up at the induction ceremonies.  

Pretty cool, right? 


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