Thursday, June 28, 2018

I Was Stealth Zippy Zapped & Beer Review (The Dudes' Brewing)

Aloha, everybody, 

 It's happened once again - I've been Zippy Zapped - and let me tell ya, this one was a doozy. 

A few days back I received a surprise package from a "John Miller". I had no idea who it was, and set it aside to be opened in my next (this) YouTube video. Turns out JM was an alias for ZZ. My buddy Zippy Zappy stealthed me, and that was the smallest of the surprises in that little package that packed a huge punch. 

Watch and enjoy as I unveil several surprises: (SPOILERS FOLLOWING!)

The entire LA Dodgers 2017 Bowman Draft Team Set
A personally autographed LA Kings card Steve Duchesne. How awesome is that? As ZZ says, giving personal autos to fellow collectors is an underrated aspect of our hobby. What an incredible and unique surprise gift for a fellow collector! A special item indeed. 
A fantastic Hanshin Tigers flashback card of Jiro Ueda and his 568 strike outs submarine delivery.
Finally, an auto of the next great Dodgers pitcher, Mr. Buehler. 

Also included is a beer review of Grandma's Pecan British Style Brown from The Dudes' Brewing Company out of Torrance, CA. 

Enjoy (and please like and subscribe) 

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