Saturday, March 2, 2019

Dodgers Offered Bryce Harper $45 mil - Their Minor Leaguers? Scraps

Aloha, everybody,

The Dodgers' $45 million offer to Bryce Harper has shown how much they will print money to land one player. Lots of fans were happy to hear the Dodgers were willing to do that. 

That generous offer got me to thinking about something else. It also highlighted their (and all MLBs) resistance to pay a living wage to minor league ballplayers. 


  1. This is definitely an issue that doesn't remotely get the attention it deserves. The economics of baseball are messed up but many of the stars have that "As long as I get mine" mentality. You're right that they should remember being in the minors getting paid peanuts for their work, if at all.

    1. I'm really surprised by the players' and the union's silence.