Saturday, December 14, 2019

Rob Manfred Doesn't Care About Baseball

Aloha, everybody,

Rob Manfred isn't making moves to save baseball. He is, however, doing everything to squeeze profit from the sport, regardless of the damage done to the people who play it, and who work in the industry. 



  1. I realize he's another typical ignorant rich white guy who's lost touch with regular people, but even so I didn't consider that he'd underestimate the impact all those minor league teams have on their towns, not to mention the huge number of jobs and the awful living/financial conditions of the players. Fuck this guy.

  2. So...... he's just like every other league commissioner in pro sports.

  3. Didn't know much about the guy nor did I have any opinions on him... until recently when he hinted that if the city of Oakland didn't drop their lawsuit that maybe relocation was the answer. Oakland has since dropped the lawsuit, but as a diehard fan, I don't like the whole power trip this guy is on. I agree wholeheartedly with the last sentence in Dennis' comment.