Friday, May 4, 2012

My Work Space Sports Palace

Last month (turns out it's a month ago today) Fuji posted in his Chronicles about bringing the hobby into his classroom.  i don't quite have a 'personal' classroom like fuji, but i do have an office where i can display my love for baseball and the Dodgers.

after seeing fuji's post, i made a note to myself to show my fellow blogeros and treasured readers what i have in my office, so in the words of my man, the immortal otis day, "here tis"....

office door - oops, i covered the room number
before we enter, you can see the man who hit the greatest home run in LA Dodger's history, Gibby.  can't you just hear vinny..."high fly ball to right field...she iiiizzzzzz......GOOOOOOOONNNNNE !" 

top shelf...two bad-asses who need no introduction, mr. koufax and nomo-san.
the koufax was a Dodger Stadium give away a few years back.  the nomo is group break loot.  you see the tin which holds my awesome nomo 3D video card.  p.s. never mind the dust.  i just can't bring myself to ask my student assistant to dust my shelves.

zoom out, shelf view.  in case you're curious, the curios are a variety of gifts from past students. 

i know it's not baseball, but it's sports, and it's my team - the RAIDAHS !
 this is a very cool original pencil drawing that i won on the annual road trip to the game up in oakland.  there's a BBQ joint up there that makes awesome BBQ, E&J's, situated in jack london square.  thier 'Q' is  absolutely the best.  the night before the games, the Raiders radio show broadcasts from E&J's back dining room.  i won the door prize - that drawing !   

  upper-right corner is the cover of the Dodger's Line Drives magazine.  the cover commemorates the best game i EVER attended at Dodger stadium.  it was the night of the back to back to back to back homers, and shows nomah touching the plate after winning the game with yet ANOTHER homer in the bottom of the 10th !  Best Game Ever.

office, south wall, zoom out.
  upper left-hand corner above the Raiders drawing: a photo from the LA Times commemorating the Dodgers vs. Red Sox game at the LA coliseum.  if you could see it close enough, you can see i've actually circled myself in the stands in the photo. you can see the word "me!"  next to the brown envelope. my ticket stub is attached.  

in the center (Play Ball!) is a gift from a korean student that i suspect she ripped out of a magazine.  each position lists a record held by a player from that position.   

office wall - Stones poster

 i tossed this in as it covers both of my loves - rocknroll and baseball.  it's a poster from my favorite band and the night i saw them play at angel stadium.  attached is my ticket stub.  hey moreno - see the city listed on the poster? 

desk shot
here you can see a couple of items to let everyone know this is Dodger's territory.  a soft, squishy ball (LoL) with the Dodger's logo, and a gift from my man inside Dodger Stadium, a Dodger base replica.

wall shelf 

finally, this little gem.  it's a gift straight from japan.  this is a box of matsui cookies - minus the cookies, of course, as i ate those long ago. 

hope you enjoyed this little tour around my office space.  THANKS fuji, for sharing your place with us, and inspiring me to do the same. 


  1. Love the office space tour. Your box of Matsui cookies and the Nomo tin are awesome! Teachers may not a ton of money, but you have to appreciate the perks... like gifts from students ;-)

    1. thanks for checking out my post. you're so right about those little things that are really quite big to us. :)

  2. Replies
    1. thanks ! i really appreciate you reading and dropping a comment. it was fun to put the tour together.