Thursday, September 22, 2011

in honor of the last home game... :(

tonight's the final home game of the single most crappiest season i have EVER experienced as a dodger fan. its far worse than those terrible, hopeless years in the early 90's -- and those were pretty bad. at least the team's finishing on a high note, with 2 top notch players that any team in the majors would be crazy to not want on thier squad, and, we're finishing on a high note, with the boys playing pretty good ball lately, in spite of them having to experience THE WORST SEASON EVER from the inside.

i mostly avoided games this season and attended the fewest ever, only being there when free tickets fell in my lap, since i wanted to minimize any money going to that rat fink of an owner, and besides,,,who can say no to free tix?  i'll be there tonight, happy to attend and see us smash the giants in the final home game.
in honor of GCRL's site and his dodger stadium card, heres a schedule showing my church, my refuge from the daily grind, my favorite place to check out the honeys on a hot summers day or warm evening.  my home of sooo many memories, both crushing and wonderful - and, if my family and friends execute the master plan, my final resting grounds. good night summer 2011, good night dodger stadium, F to the U, mccourt and selig.
BTW - my buddy who works in security tells me lasorda is gonna manage tonight. SWEET !!!!

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