Monday, December 10, 2012

Binder Page Heroes - Baseball Thrills Edition

Hey everybody !

How's it going out there?  I haven't posted for a while, but once a week or so, I've been checking in and reading everyone's blogs.  Tonight I was reading and I noticed ATBATT listed in someone's blog roll.  Then I noticed I haven't posted in 3 weeks !!! YIKES !  That's the longest I've gone without a post since launching ATBATT, so it's definitely time to stop that slide....

Reviving the Binder Page Heroes series, here comes a page featuring a subset I've been chasing since I started collecting.  It's the Baseball Thrills subset from 1959 Topps.  These cards are beauties and they commemorate some big moments in MLB history.  They cost a pretty penny when they're in good condition, so I'm far from completing the set.  That means there are a couple of modern reprints, and a lurker on the binder page, who certainly hold their own.  Let's check 'em out....

How about these cards?  Beautiful colorization, action-packed photos, and simple but powerful designs.  I feel those thrills just looking at the cards!

Leading off is Hammerin' Hank, the Home Run King, hitting exactly as you would expect from him in the Fall Classic.  Aaron helped lead the Braves to a 7-game win over the YankeesAlong the way, he batted nearly .400 and punched 3 homers.


Reprint Alert - This comes from 2001 Topps.  This will have to do until I get my hands on the real mccoy.

Reprints or not, I just can't resist these cards.  They just scream Old Time Baseball.

Leave it to the Dodgers to play 26 innings and only score one run.  Luckily, they held the Red Sox to one run also, and played the longest game ever in baseball history.  Why didn't they finish?  No, bud selig's grandfather was not the commish, the game was stopped on account of...darkness.

I picked this one up from a trade with a fellow blogger.  One step closer to completion!  THANKS, trading partners!

The Duke brings in the next highlight.  I love this one because of the early use of consecutive action shots on one card.  It really captures the THRILL of the play.   How about that guy in the stands ? I've often wondered if that was his strange posturing to try and catch the ball if it went up into the seats. 

This set just drips baseball history.  Tiger Kaline finds his way into the set, and we get a bonus view of old time umpire gear. 

Another Tiger and another consecutive photo action shot. COOOOOL !

Finally, one of my vintage faves.  '52 Bowman rocking an absolute work of baseball art on cardboard.

THANKS for reading, everybody ~ 


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