Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Binder Page Heroes Rookie Cards(Not) Part 3

Welcome to the third and final installment for this edition of my binder page filled with early cards from some of my favorite players who are not Dodgers.  I've got another binder page full of early issues from different players, but I think I'll hold off on posting that one for a while.  I'm feeling like I want to change things up a bit, and riff on a different topic next.

It so happened to work out that these final three players are all featured on other California teams, two being Western division rivals.  And away we go...

Leading off is Reggie, and his third-year card.  His RC is in '69 topps, and I just haven't had a chance to find it available (i.e., affordable, but not mangled).

with apologies to Nick, from Dime Boxes, who just posted that every scan on his blog must pass the 'perfect' test (a scanning quirk).  My scan here is kinda blurry, but I'm moving onward.  Perhaps my quirk is accepting mediocre scans

 I mentioned that Reggie's RC has been unavailable up to this point, but his second year card isn't even on my radar screen.  That's because it sits within '70 topps, which I consider one of the ugliest, yet simultaneously boring releases of all time.  I have no desire to chase cards with those dulled-out grey borders.

Check out the beauty above.  I dig this card for so many reasons.  First of all,  '71 topps is a great set, sporting those black borders.  Here we get Reggie kneeling on deck, holding two bats.  Just as Phil Bechtel pointed out with the Molitor card in Part 2,  Reggie looks like a freakin' kid.   And how can you not love that sweeping arm on his middle initial 'M'?

Next up is Tony Gwynn.  I wish I had his RC, but haven't been able to nail one down yet.  Till then, his second-year issue will do...

Tony poses here showing all the confidence of a guy who just knows what a cool baseball career  lies ahead of him.  It might also be the satisfaction of polishing off the last slice of a double dish, Chicago style pizza.

As we get a gander at the final Hero, I need to say two things first.  It's a finally a rookie card! and...


Will the Thrill.  Sure, he played for the hated ones, but he was always one of the respected ones.  I loved having Will Clark as an opponent.   He played a helluva game, swung a fearsome bat, and despite a smile that only a mother could love on the RC above, Will always wore badass eye black on the field to go along with his equally badass scowl.

Will Clark will forever remind me of the no holds barred, baseball wars of the Dodgers vs the enemy at candlestick park.  Good times. 

THANKS for reading, everybody!

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