Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ode To A Man Called Lima (BLogger Bracket Challenge R1)

Intro:  The awesome "Blogger Bracket Challenge" is being brought to us by the great Nachos Grande.

Groups of bloggers were brought together and given one baseball card to write about.  Then all of you, yes YOU,  can VOTE for your favorites over at the Nachos Grande site.  So get over there and vote for me! Soon hack writers will fall by the wayside, while the masters of the keyboard will rise to the top.

Yeh, right.  Did I mention there's voting involved?  How will this not end up like every year's All-Star teams? 

Everyone in my bracket is riffing off the card below.  Here's my entry:


Once upon a time,
There was a man who declared
it was always "Lima Time".
He played for Detroit and K.C.,
He played for Houston and Korea,
And that glorious team of mine.

Lima led the Dodgers to the playoffs that year
He pitched a shutout against the evil Cardinals
and knocked them on their little redbird ears.

Jose loved to bring the heat, but he could also bring the noise
He sang the National Anthem at Chavez Ravine
Jose, can you see?
Now he's up there in Heaven,
beltin' one out for the boys.  

Did you ever see Mrs. Lima?
Now she was a sight to see.
She was one of the top baseball wives - ever,
Just between you and me.

Everywhere Jose went
It was Lima Time! Lima Time!
The man was a joy to behold.
Somewhere it's Lima Time and you're still smiling, Jose,
I miss the way you rolled. 

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  1. Lima! Lima! Lima! I can still hear is name being chanted by an adoring Doyer crowd. 2004 was a fun year.