Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Who Pitches For The Blue Tonight? My Pick...

Who gets the ball from the skipper tonight?

The great mystery this morning is "Who will pitch tonight for the Dodgers?"

Will it be Ricky Nolasco - who hasn't pitched in  nearly a month??!!!

Will it be Zack Greinke on short rest - who's never done that before in his career?

Will it be a cute chick?????

I gotta call for Ricky Nolasco.  No hesitation.  Why?  Four reasons for Game Four:

1. The momentum is on our side and Nolasco has shown he can pitch well at home.

2. Nolasco's gotta pitch sometime.  If he doesn't pitch in this series, by the time his turn in the rotation for the World Series rolls around, his beard will be longer than Brian Wilson's.

3. We got here as a team, we play it out as a team.  Especially if the guy in question isn't choking and he might even be getting rusty.  If he gets into trouble, we can always go to plan Volquez.  He's also proven he can pitch well at Dodger Stadium.  When these guys are on, they are on.

4. If we pitch Greinke, it smells a bit of desperation, and I aint about feeling that right now.  

First pitch 5:07 p.m. LA time.

Go Nolasco, Go Dodgers, and of course, Go Cute Chicks!!

UPDATE:  12:57 p.m. Nolasco officially announced by Dodgers as the starter. 


  1. So who is she? She's cuter than me! I'm getting jealous :-( lol

    1. lol. She's a singer. Her name is Tiffany and she's Korean-American.
      She's a cutie, but I bet a buck you can throw a baseball better than her. Haha

      Check this out. "Tiffany Hwang Throws Worst First Pitch Ever".

  2. Youare right. I could bring another Japanese tornado since Nomo! lol