Saturday, August 8, 2015

I'm Off Hiatus Long Enough To Post Some Vintage Dodgers

Aloha everybody,

Tony from Off Hiatus Baseball Cards recently sent an AWESOME package of vintage Dodgers to me - which combined with the other cards in my collection, brought me very close to completing the team set from the 1977 Dodgers. 

He sent so many Dodgers, I can fan 'em out like a winning poker hand...

Here are a few of my individual favorites from the bunch. Let's lead off with a couple of the Dodger aces from that squad...

"Hi everybody. They named a surgery after me."
 Lopes was the team's base-stealing specialist. In '75 he stole a career high 77 bases. In 1977 he stole 47, with an 80% success rate. 

Today Lopes is the Dodgers' first base coach. I'm sure he wonders daily where the Dodgers' running game ran off to. 

 Speaking of specialists, Manny Mota was the greatest pinch-hitter I ever saw; he might be the best ever, for any team. 

 Good ol' Boomer - one of the friendliest guys on the post-career appearance and autograph circuit. Yeager is genuinely friendly and a pleasure to speak with. 

How about this great old-time "in action" shot?  Check out the scoreboard in the background: It looks like the Giants have double digit hits, but Wills is stealing bases and getting the Dodgers rally going! 

Below is another fistful of cards that were in the package...

But Tony wasn't satisfied to just send me team cards; He also included this vintage, oddball gem...

I always think of Roebuck as a Brooklyn Dodger, so it was a nice surprise to get something from him when he was an LA Dodger. 

As I mentioned earlier, Tony got me within four cards of completion for the '77 team set. If anyone out there can help me complete it, here are the four I need: 

 Stan Wall #88
John Hale #253
Kevin Palsey #470
Steve Garvey #400

 THANKS for the great cards, Tony!


  1. I'm glad I could help you out, my friend. I'm a little surprised that I didn't have the complete 1977 set in there, though. I'm pretty sure I have at least the Garvey to send....but that Kevin Pasley could be tough -- isn't that Dale Murphy's rookie card?

  2. Yikes! That Palsey IS going to be tough. I'm going to have to fight off the Rick Cerone collectors as well.