Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I Don't Have A Submarine, But I Do Have A Persicope

Aloha everybody,

Tonight's post is an announcement and an invitation for all of you who have become interested in sharing about our other passion, which is savoring a great beer while we organize our card collections, watch our favorite sports, and otherwise enjoy our leisure time. 

Have you all heard about the (fairly) new app called Periscope? It's basically an app that allows one to broadcast virtually anything live and worldwide through your phone. 

Anyone can join and watch live, and can type in a comment or question during the broadcast. If you miss it live, the show can still be accessed and seen for 24 hours after its conclusion. If someone wants it to remain accessible for longer than that, it can be uploaded to Youtube. 

So what does all that have to do with us? 

During tomorrow's holiday observance, Laker Dave and I will head on over to Hangar 24 Brewery , located in Redlands, CA, to sample a few of their beers and show you what's going on at this up and coming brewery.  

We'll be broadcasting our visit live on Periscope and we're inviting you to join us and share in the fun of tasting a beer flight and reviewing the beers. You can find us and subscribe to us on Periscope @LiveHapps. You might even find yourself wanting to visit the brewery or try Hangar 24's beers when they reach your neck of the woods. 

The Periscope app is available for Apple and Android phones, and best of all, it's free! Give it a try, as there's loads of cool content being uploaded live from around the world 24 hours a day. 

We'll be broadcasting around noon PST, and you can also access the show for 24 hours afterward. I'll send out a tweet from @omsports42 right before we go live, so join us in raising a glass to all of our veterans tomorrow. 


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  1. That sounds cool. I won't be able to watch live, but will check it out tonight. Have fun with the beer!!!!