Sunday, November 15, 2015

Who Wants To Chase Sandy Koufax With Me?

Aloha everybody,

...and a pleasant Sunday to you all (as Vin Scully would say). 

What we have here is a pack of Topps 2015 Heritage that I picked up while on a run for shower soap. 

You might remember I told you all about the Periscope app, and on Veteran's day, Laker Dave and I stepped out to Hangar 21, a semi-local brewery.  We reviewed the beers on a live on-site Periscope beercast.  

It was tons of fun, and I'm returning to Periscope again tonight (albeit without Laker Dave). 

I'll be opening this large Heritage pack and tasting a beer that I brought home from Hangar 24 in a "crowler". It's their Double IPA.

As you can see from the wrapper, I'm chasing Sandy Koufax exclusive inserts. If there's anybody I collect and want exclusive cards from, it's Mr. Koufax. 

Won't you join me in busting this pack and sampling this beer in one hour (8 p.m. PST) on Periscope? 

It only takes a simple, free app. You can easily open an account with your Twitter ID, because both apps come from the same folks. 

Once you are signed in to Periscope, use search to find me: @LiveHapps.

See you in an hour! Aloha


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