Saturday, April 2, 2016

Cardboard Countdown - One day - I Say, Just ONE DAY to Go!

Aloha, everybody,

This is it! I can smell the hot dogs and taste the over-priced beer. My team doesn't play until Monday, but tomorrow will be Opening Day for lots of other teams, so let's count down with the only two number ones that I could find in my collection...

And we'll close with (perhaps) everyone's favorite number one on one of my favorite cardboard issues ever...

Less than 24 hours to "Play ball!" Wooooooooo!!!!!


  1. The anticipation is killing me!

  2. Read a story this morning "Cubs poised to take World Series " Just beat the Mets and the dang Giants. We'll see you guys in the NLDS for the pennant

  3. Oh boy, six (maybe seven) months of highs, lows and a lot of disappointment!

    1. These last 2 weeks of spring training with the injured and scoring-challenged Dodgers have been prepping me very well for the disappointment part