Saturday, April 30, 2016

Purple for P-Town Tom Means A Pack of Players for Me

Aloha, everybody, 

I recently showed off some new trade bait, and ol' P-Town Tom jumped quick on a purple-framed Rizzo card. 

A few days ago I received a package with some Dodgers goodies inside. 

 Shawn Green is on a lot of these cards with a floating body but no  real background. He's also on a lot of those see-through cards.
 Pinnacle had some nice sets featuring some of the best card photography in the industry back in the 90's. Here's a great shot of Nomo bringin' it. 

Speaking of attractive sets from the 90's,1993 Flair is still one of my favorites.

Another favorite from the 90's, Mr. Piazza. I think that forlorn look on his face is because he doesn't like wearing the LA cap. Right, Michael? 

Piazza's buddy from those Dodger years was Eric Karros. The card below is from Ultra-PRO. I think it's one of those that would have come inside a new binder. 

This card is priceless because of Eric's ever-lovin', "Look mom, I'm lifting weights in a polo shirt" smile. 

Did I say "priceless"? Apparently, this card was valued at $10. Or perhaps not. Lots of times I've slipped a card into a penny sleeve with a price tag on it, and the new card wasn't worth anything close to that price tag. 

But one look at that shot of Karros with his James Bond tux has me convinced this IS the original $10 card.  

They weren't all big names on the cards Tom sent me. He included a few young players as well...

I remember wanting Garcia to do well, but...he never really did. 
 Todd Hollandsworth was another one of the Rookies of the Year that LA pumped out year after year, but like so many ROY, nothing much happened after that initial splash. 
Bonus: Lurking Keith Olbermann. 

Finally, how about an autograph?

 Josh came up through the Dodgers farm system and earned his first big league win with the club, but LA quickly shipped him out. He went on to play for a number of teams in both leagues, and is now pitching for the Lotte Giants in south Korea. If nothing else, baseball has given him the opportunity to travel. 

Thanks for the fun cards, Tom. I have your Rizzo and some other cards put aside for you. I've been putting together a few trade packages, and I expect to send them out some time next week. 



  1. Many of the cards I bought in my estate lot had prices on them. You're correct, the $10 tag was for that card and I just turned the penny sleeve around. Maybe twenty years ago that would have been a fair price, but I have to figure today that Karros card is sitting in dime boxes all across America.

    1. Ha - I'm glad I got Karros on the cheap! I don't know why, but I totally love those cheesy photos.
      "My name is Karros...Eric Karros."