Sunday, January 15, 2017

When Soviets Hack The Election, Dimebox Sends Cards to You

Aloha, everybody, 

As Dimebox Nick so accurately put in his note to me, it's been way too long since we last exchanged cardboard. 

2017 is starting off differently, and I'm sure that we won't be waiting until the calendar clicks off another year before we swap again. In celebration of this new attitude, let's take a look at the fistful of Dodgers cardboard that ol' Nick sent over to me...

Pay-droh Goo-rare-ooooh figured prominently in a recent Twitter conversation between myself, Sir Night Owl and Zippy Zappy, so he gets lead off privileges. 

This Guerrero Diamond King is new for my collection. I love the World Series-inspired bunting. Perfect for a WS MVP. As for those storm clouds brewing behind him - that's what the Yankees saw whenever Pedro stepped to the plate. 

In fact, all of the Dodgers cards that Nick sent were new to me. How about one of Pedro's teammates...

You want more tribute? Coming right up...

I can read that headline ALL DAY LONG. 

A wonderful card. Jackie broke into the NL, Larry Doby did the same in the AL a few months behind Robinson. Unlike Robinson, who put in a year in the Dodgers' AAA minor league, Doby went directly to the majors from the Negro League. 

From the underrated Ted Williams release...

Jim Gilliam, like Doby, joined the Dodgers' big club straight outta the Negro Leagues. 

In this fantastic action shot, Gilliam is stealing home, as evidenced by the Dodgers batter beside the catcher, who's lost sight of the ball, which is flying above the batter's head. 

Nick included present-day Boys in Blue. Here's ROY Corey Seager in ugly San Diego colors, but his card is adorned with Home Run Derby and RC shields. 

These snowflake cards have been all over the blogosphere, but until now, I didn't own any. 

Trayce was starting out fairly well in his inaugural big league season, but he suffered an unfortunate leg injury. We'll have to see how well he can bounce back in 2017. 

Montas was traded to the Dodgers along with Trayce Thompson in 2015, but like TT, he was also hit by the injury bug. After being mostly on the DL, he was shipped off to Oakland for SP Rich Hill and master con man, Josh Reddick. 

Finally, one more most excellent Dodger rookie, Senor Urias...

All of these cool cards (and more) are welcome additions to the binders. THANKS so much, Nick! 



  1. Glad you enjoyed everything! Let's not wait another year to swap cards again.

    The Gilliam is one of the best action shots I've ever seen on a baseball card despite the fact that I'm not 100 percent sure what is actually happening. My best guess -- given that the baseball appears to be floating foul -- is that Gilliam is sliding into home following a failed suicide squeeze.

    1. Spot on analysis, Nick. The batter seems in post-bunt posture. Good eye.
      Great cards, thanks again.

  2. It feels like Urias should be 30 years old for as long as I heard his name. Is he even 20 yet.....?

    1. Haha ...a lot has been written about him, that's for sure - and that's even if I'm your only Dodgers reading source.
      Yup, he's 20 now.