Monday, January 2, 2017

A New Year Brings A New Collecting Goal (Wanna help?)

Aloha, everybody, 

Welcome to ATBATT 2017! 

I'm starting off the new year with a collecting goal that I figure should be easy enough to do, but the catch is, I won't be able to complete it without a little help from my friends. 

In the history of baseball, there have only been 23 perfect games pitched - including one during a World Series. 

I'm putting together a PC of the batteries from those perfect games, and I've already got off to a decent start. 

Ultimately, I would like to have cards of the players wearing the uniforms from the team when the perfect game occured, and even better, cards from that year, whenever possible. Yes, I know the early cards are pretty near impossible, but a guy can dream, right? 

Thus, I may have cards to start off with for some players, but I'm looking to upgrade those if I can fulfill the ultimate goal. Let's take a look at what I've got, and what I need...

If the player has a line through him, I've got that card, but chances are, I'm looking for an upgrade to the proper uniform and/or year. If I have the ultimate card, it will be noted. 

If you can help...THANKS! 

6/12/1880 Lee Richmond (Worcester)  C Charlie Bennett

6/17/1880 John Montgomery Ward (Providence)  C Emil Gross

5/5/1904 Cy Young (BOS)  C Lou Criger

10/2/1908 Addie Joss (CLE Got Cleveland card)  C Nig Clark

4/30/1922 Charlie Robertson (CWS)  C Ray Schalk

10/8/1956 Don Larsen (DamnYankees unis)  C Yogi Berra

6/21/1964 Jim Bunning (PHI uni, but wrong year)  C Gus Triondos

9/9/1965 Sandy Koufax  (LAD unis, but wrong year)  C Jeff Torborg

5/8/1968 Catfish Hunter (OAK uni, but wrong year) 
C Jim Pagliaroni

5/15/1981 Len Barker (CLE)  C Ron Hassey

9/30/1984 Mike Witt (CAL)  C Bob Boone

9/16/1988 Tom Browning (CIN uni, but wrong year)  C Jeff Reed

7/28/1991 Dennis Martinez (MON tribute card)  C Ron Hassey (2)

7/28/1994 Kenny Rogers (TEX)  C Ivan Rodriguez (Tex uni, but wrong year) 

5/17/1998 David Wells (DY)  C Jorge Posada

7/18/1999 David Cone (DY, wrong uni, wrong year)  C Joe Girardi

5/18/2004 Randy Johnson (ARI uni, wrong year)  C Robby Hammock

7/23/2009 Mark Buehrle (CHW)  C Ramon Castro

5/9/2010 Dallas Braden (OAK)  C Landon Powell

5/29/2010 Roy Haliday (PHI)  C Carlos Ruiz (Phi uni, wrong year)

4/21/2012 Philip Humber (CHW)   C A.J. Pierzynski

6/13/2012 Matt Cain (SF)  C Buster Posey (SF uni, wrong year)

8/15/2012 Felix Hernandez (SEA)  C John Jaso

There's my 2017 collecting goal. Clock starts now!



  1. Love this idea. I have my own collection of guys who have thrown No-Nos and Perfectos, but love that you are looking at battery mates too.

  2. btw, I'll see what extras I might have.

    1. Thanks! I wanted to include the catchers because they're often forgotten, but they're half the equation. Probably more helpful toward the perfect game than many think.

  3. I could see if I have extra cards of Len Barker and Ron Hassey since I team collect the Indians. Could you email at
    tim (underscore) gretchen (underscore) marriage (at) yahoo (dot) com

    1. OK, thanks! I'm sure I've got Indians to get some other trades going.

  4. It might not be much, but I can take care of King Felix and a 2012 Posey. And I can do a little more searching in the morning to see if I have anything else on your list.

    1. I found a 2012 Matt Cain for you as well.

    2. Awesome! That will make the Giants pair (BOOOOO!!!) the first completed ultimate set.

  5. Dallas Braden and Landon about obscure.

    Good luck on the new venture. I think you will be able to knock this one out quick.

    1. It's certainly a lot easier with the community helping out. I'm amazed with the great response :)

  6. I bet I have a few of these as well. Love helping out on stuff like this!

    1. That's great! My email can be found in my profile. Just drop me a line and we can talk about what cards I can send to help out your collections.

  7. A further comment to anyone offering to help out: If we haven't traded before, just drop an email to me at om sports 42 at gmail so on and so on.
    We can exchange addresses, and I can send something back to you as well. New trade partners and friends are always welcome.