Saturday, February 4, 2017

I Joined the 2017 Topps Opening Party. Here's How I Did

Aloha, everybody, 

I struck out when I tried to find 2017 Topps on it's release date, but managed to track some down yesterday. The only products available were boxes with one large cello-wrapped pack inside. 

I grabbed one. Here's the top card. Yet another long-haired Mets pitcher. Kaz scored.

The rear card looked interesting...

I opened the pack, and three cards in, I pulled my first Dodger of 2017...

I think Van Slick is raising his knee in an attempt to protect himself from that dangerous looking pointy thing aimed at his Van Privates. 

I pulled a couple more Dodger players. 

Howie, don't land on that pointy thing! 

What's with that spear tip endangering all my Dodgers? 

My cello-pack contained a few inserts, some easier to catch than others...

"I don't pitch on shabbos!" 
These 5-Tool player inserts are cool, but I wish Hanley was pictured as a Dodger...

Here's the rear...

I caught a few MLB Award inserts. Here's one for the Kris Bryant Marching and Chowder Society...

These blue ones are seeded 1:133. 

This card is a Father's Day insert, but I guess not a Father's Day parallel? Hmmmm. 

Here's my favorite card from the bunch...

These red ones are seeded 1:265 

I pulled around six of these League Leader cards...

Finally, that Ryno card...

Well, that box was Cubs-heavy, but that's what happens when you win the World Series. At least the Cubbies are finally pushing the Giants out of heavy rotation. 



  1. Hey there. I got a couple of 2017 Topps Dodgers I'd love to send you if you want them: Josh Reddick, #329 and Clayton Kershaw, Then & Now, #Bowman-2. Please let me know if you'd like them: peterksteinberg AT hotmail DOT com. Thanks!

    1. Sure...let's get a PWE trade going. I'll check your site and see what you collect. Expect an email soon.

  2. Plenty of Cubs and David Ortiz to go around. I think he has something like 7 photo variations this year.

    1. Hmmm...I guess I'm lucky I didn't pull 4 or 5 Big Papis.

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