Saturday, February 18, 2017

Stepping Toward Perfection

Aloha, everybody, 

My weekly card show pursuits will have to cool off for the time being (we're currently down a car), but that doesn't mean my collection is in the cooler. 

Thanks to a very helpful reader/collector, GCA, my Perfect Games Project has taken a great big step toward completion. GCA is primarily a set-collector, but he took a liking to my little project, dug through his boxes, and sent these cards over to me.

(A reminder: although any cards from the players who made up these batteries will do for a start, my ultimate goal is to have cards representing the players from the year of the perfect game.)

Leading off is King Felix on 2012 Topps Archives...

I still need his catcher, John Jaso. 

Jumping back to 1988 Topps, Jeff Reed. 

While Reed's card hails from the correct year (1988), he's pictured as an Expo. Reed caught the perfect game as a Red. Which brings to mind, I still need the ultimate card for his pitcher, Tom Browning. 

Up next is a beautiful 2009 O-Pee-Chee featuring southpaw Mark Buerle. I'm still in need of his battery mate, Ramon Castro. 

From 2004 Topps Total, Robby Hammock, taking grounders. Now I need to catch Randy Johnson, who threw that no-no...

Here's southpaw David Wells, on a well-designed, horizontal 1998 Collector's Choice card. Jorge Posada needed. 

Last up, GCA sent the ultimate cards for both members of the Texas Rangers' perfect game battery of pitcher Kenny Rogers on 1994 Fleer Ultra (I love this set)...

and newly-inducted, Hall of Famer Ivan Rodriguez on 1994 Upper Deck Electric Diamond...

Pudge looks reflective on that card, right? Perhaps he's thinking about how awesome he looks on the card back...

It's no wonder you caught a perfect game, Pudge. 

THANKS for getting me closer to my goal, GCA! 


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