Saturday, December 30, 2017

It Was No Secret; Santa Knew Just What I Wanted

Aloha, everybody, 

As many of you know, good ol' Matt, from Bob Walk the Plank, ran his annual Secret Santa campaign this Christmas season. 

One of the bonus perks from joining in is being introduced to a new blog, and the possibility of a new trade partner - and what collector doesn't want that? I decided to play, and boy, am I glad I did. 

 My Secret Santa really came through in the clutch. Greg (from The Collective Mind) could have purchased a quick autograph card and shipped it off to me (which would have been perfectly fine), but he went the extra step. 

Greg got down and dirty. He dug into my Dodgers wantlists and checked off a big chunk of cards that I'm actively chasing. Let's check out what he sent my way. Leading off is a wonderful World Series card from the1960 Topps World Series subset: 

I collect these vintage WS subsets, and they just don't show up very often, so this is a MAJOR addition to my collection. That's Luis Aparicio taking the bag, BTW. 

Here's a whoooole lotta Dodgers from across the 70's to check off my wantlists...

Just like Sir Night Owl, Ron Cey is my favorite childhood Dodger, and these two cards are great additions: 

We're not done with vintage Dodgers. Not at all. Santa Greg knows how to rock a Christmas tree. This next guy needs no introduction...

Ladies and gents, World Series Hero, Johnny Podres...

You know Dodgers vintage aint really vintage unless you're flashing some Brooklyn. So here ya go, from 1957 Topps...

Then, as a Dodger blue cherry on top, Greg picked off my most wanted 2017 Topps card, the Dodgers paying tribute to Vin Scully...

THANKS so much, Greg! I look forward to twas a Merry Christmas, after all. 



  1. I love the Aparicio W.S. Card. Nice Oglivie rookie as well. Happy New Years

  2. Replies
    1. It was fun. Looking forward to next year. Will I hit a Canadian for the third time????

  3. Wow! Greg did an amazing job with that package. Having never seen it before, I really dig the '57 Randy Jackson, plus I could easily be wrong about this, but it looks like Duke Snider's making an appearance in the background.

    1. As hard as I examined, I just couldn't confirm or deny your theory. So we'll run with it. Duke Snider, it is!

  4. Replies
    1. I upgraded that one at the National, but not before I found it at one dealer for a ridiculous $60. They advertise in SCDigest, and I still mockingly look for the listing of "Craig (Beauty) $60".

      Nice to get those Dodger dupes to a good home.

    2. Thanks again, Greg. They sure are in a loving home now :)