Saturday, January 6, 2018

One More Batch of Cardboard TTM

Aloha, everybody, 

Welcome to ATBATT 2018. I'm lucky and blessed enough to open the year's posts with a small backlog of trade packages to present. 

Right before the close of the year, I featured a bunch of cards that came to me from Paul's TTM Autograph Blog. Paul, being a generous man, actually sent two separate packages to me. Today, we'll be checking out that second batch. 

The first couple of cards represent a side story for Dodger fans. It's "the changing of the guard". One big reason the boys in blue made it to the Fall Classic was the fact the Dodgers got younger. 

This card marks the power-hitting duo (from a few years back) of young Joc Pederson and Adrian Gonzalez. It's a good representation of the Dodgers turning a page on aging veterans, and moving toward a younger core. 

Andre Ethier, the longest tenured Dodger, will be probabbly moving on as well. I've long been a fan of Captain Clutch, so this blue-bordered beauty is very welcome. 

Manager Dave Roberts blew World Series opportunities when he kept Ethier mostly on the bench against the Astros, despite Ethier almost always getting a hit (including a PH home run) whenever he got a chance. 

Paul also dropped some new Nomos into my lap...

I love these cards that show Nomo just peeking over the top...

 Here's another angle...

Press Proof alert! These always take me back to my early collecting days. I was always ripping packs with the hope of catching one of these.

And now, World Series pitching hero, Kenta Maeda about to be sucked down into shiny, colorful quicksand...

Any and all Kenley Jansens happily accepted...

Closing out this pitching-heavy package is one of my favorite Dodger southpaws, on All-Star cardboard. I'm thinking that's Wrigley ivy behind him...

THANKS for the two great packages, Paul! I'm lucky the dealers around you are stocking a whole lotta Dodgers these days, and I'm very happy that you thought of sharing that with me. 



  1. Can't get away from the Dodger blue at the shows somedays. Glad you liked them!