Saturday, January 20, 2018

When HBP is a Good Thing, Thanks to ACB

Aloha, everybody, 

Those of us who follow baseball usually think of "Hit by pitch" when we see the initials, HBP. Here's a new one, HBP also stands for Honus Bonus Partners, which put out a card set in 2017 that combined collecting with playing fantasy baseball. 

I had never heard of these cards until I received a batch of them from Julie, the proprietor over at A Cracked Bat. Some of you may recall late last year I was gifting copies of the new book about some of the prime players in the 1947 World Series, Electric October. Julie got one of the copies, and although I didn't ask for anything in return, she dropped these cards in the mail to me as a "thank you". Let's check em out...

 As stand alone cards, they boast a simple but attractive design with in-action, well-chosen player photographs. The players are featured in black and white, with colored backgrounds, and not being Topps brand, they don't get to use team logos or names.  

One more Julio Urias card is always a good thing. 

I'm not sure why some players have different color design stripes...

The backs of the cards have little codes that you would use to play the fantasy game and win prizes, but when you try to visit the HBP website, it's gone. I suppose it could be dark because of the off season, but I'm thinking the company dissolved and we've seen the last of HBP. 

Julie tossed in a couple of attractive inserts. Here's a 2015 Puig with an MLB pin. That might sound boring to some, but the card and pin are quite attractive in-hand. The scan dulls out the shiny chrome batter silhouette. 

I was kind of hoping the pin would come off so I could put it on a cap or something, but it looks like it's permanently attached, so there it will stay. 

Finally, the gem of the package...

How cool is a Tommy Lasorda swatch? If I have to tell you, you're neither baseball fan nor collector. Am I right? 

THANKS for the cool cards, Julie. I hope you enjoyed Electric October, and I look forward to the next time I can gift more cool baseball stuff to all of you. 



  1. Glad you enjoyed these cards! I pulled Lasorda from a blaster long ago. It was time he found a good home. As for Electric October, it's my next read! Looking forward to it and will let you know! I'm finishing up "Crazy 08" - 1908 baseball season.

  2. Hmmm, those HBP cards are ones I've never seen before. Kind of remind me of 1999 Upper Deck without the foil.

    1. I see that! Glad to get my hands on these cards from a one and done set.

  3. HBP was a decent effort. That Lasorda is cool!

    1. Thanks! That one just became my favorite Lasorda card.