Sunday, March 11, 2018

A Scribbled Sunday Night Post

Aloha, everybody, 

I recently received a very nice surprise package from Scribbled Ink. Paul sent over an assortment of past Dodgers and a very cool tchotske that I absolutely love. 

Let's start out with a couple of oddball Orels...

Huge bread conglomerate, Wonder Bread, had to airbrush the LA on Bulldog's cap, but not regional Revco, who apparently paid for the blessings of Topps. 

Here's another oddball that I've never seen before...

World Series co-MVP, Paaaayyyyydroooooo...

Eric Karros on a police issue, wearing the Tim Crews death patch...

After enjoying this card for a bit, I'll probably send this casual-looking Strawberry off to my friend, Peter...

And now a break for a couple of BOOOOOOOOS...

Lousy manager BOOOOOOOO!! (But I like the schedule)

Ex-Giant BOOOOOOO!!! (But I like these Electric Diamond cards)

I loved Nomah in his short stint as a Dodger. I haven't heard him on any of the Dodgers Spring Training broadcasts. I wonder if they dumped him as a color man? 

I liked his insights as an expert batter, and he has genuine personality behind the mike. The Dodgers didn't seem to know how to use him. They even tried some horrible segments last season with Nomar bouncing around Dodger Stadium sampling different food and drinks. It was ridiculous. I miss you, Nomar! 

Finishing out the cardboard portion of the package are these two little beauties, which celebrate the Boys of Summer winning it all back in 1955.

In this one we can see Jim Gilliam, a young Sandy Koufax, Campy, Jackie and Gil Hodges. 

Here's Duke Snider being met at home by Pee Wee Reese and Jimmy Gilliam. I'm not sure who the guy on the right is. 

And finally, that tchotchke I talked about at the top of the post. How sweet is this mini Eric Gagne? 

Gagne looks more like he's wearing a bandit mask than his trademark goggles, but I'm not going to nitpick this puppy. 

The base makes me think it's some kind of game piece, but I don't have a clue about its true context. 

No matter, this piece is very cool. THANKS, Paul. Great stuff! 



  1. Love the product placement oddballs. The Wonder(bread) card is especially perfect because the blandness of the design matches the blandness of Wonder Bread to a T.

  2. That Gagne is from a production called Sportsclix. I think they made them 2003-2005ish. Another baseball inspired game too boring to play but small enough to collect. Gagne does look like the Hamburglar. Thanks for the post.