Saturday, March 10, 2018

What's Good for a Rainy Day? Some New Piazzas, of course!

Aloha, everybody, 

Time to play some catch up with backed up trade posts. Today's cool batch-o-cardboard came to me from Johnny's Trading Spot. 

Good ol' John sent over a great smattering of Piazzas (and a few others) that were all new for my collection. Let's get right to 'em...

Mike and his contemporaries were lucky to come along in one of the golden eras of cardboard. Sure, we refer to it as the "junk wax era" because there were so many sets popping out of the woodwork, and so much overproduction. 

I subscribe to the theory that was actually a hidden blessing. So many sets led to competition, creativity and variety in card designs. No Topps monopoly meant card companies beyond the grandfather brand could use real team logos and didn't have to play stupid airbrush games, or only use photos of our cardboard heroes from behind. 

How about a great play at the plate...Spring Training style...

It might just be the Dodgers-tinted glasses that I wear, but Piazza seems a perfect fit for the design and photography styles of the day...

Really digging this shot of big Mike waiting for the inevitable home plate collision. They even used it for the close up on his name plate. 

Speaking of cards I dig. Here's a meaningless (in the grand scope of things) but beautiful, little work of baseball art. 

Finally, another great action photo...

A great haul of Piazzas. THANKS, John. More cards coming your way as soon as I build another stack for you. 



  1. Two things I love about these cards...

    a) Two different black bordered sets. Even the last Upper Deck card is technically a black border as well.
    b) 1993 Pinnacle. It's one of those sets that I'd love to buy a couple of boxes of so that I can put a set together. I could never afford too many Pinnacle packs when I was 14. The problem is that with grading, black borders and Jeter's rookie, boxes are more than I'm willing to put into them.

  2. Yeah, pretty much every card show I go to, I end up with more cards for my Piazza binder, rarely for more than a dime.

    1. Piazza isn't as expensive as he once was, but even his commons fetch a small premium here.