Thursday, July 19, 2018

Too Many PWEs Becomes Just Enough Cards For Me

Aloha, everybody, 

Here's a quick video opening a couple of recent PWE's, one from Too Many Verlanders and the other from Tim Henson. 

THANKS, Dennis and Tim! Watch the video for the big reveal! 



  1. It's the dulcet tones of another Oscar video! The vintagey cards should have completed these team sets for you: 79 Topps, 81 Fleer, 83 Topps. And the mini Gibby is from 1991 Topps Micro. Glad you liked, and nice job with the PWE education!

    1. Whew! I'm glad it was "Dulcet tones" and not "Dull said". lol
      Thanks for getting me over the hmp with those team sets, Dennis. Much appreciated!