Friday, November 15, 2019

The Cheatin' Astros Caused me to Rethink Myself as a Dodgers Fan

Aloha, everybody,

The Cheatin' Astros' scandal has caused me to step back and re-evaluate some of my opinions about the Dodgers



  1. In today's "time of technology" how can we be certain that every team isn't cheating in some similar fashion? I suspect that this is a far more reaching issue that the MLB needs to look at.

    1. Yeah. I highly doubt the Astros are the only ones who've done something like this. Like my students... I'm sure kids cheat all of the times. But it's the ones who get caught that draw the attention.

  2. As a true blue Dodger fan ever since I was born, I never waver from being a devoted Dodger fan. I'm with them through thick and thin, no matter what. My favorite employment fantasy is to work for the Dodgers, since I don't have the on-field talent to be a player. Yes, it's extremely frustrating every time the Dodgers don't win the World Series but I just can't imagine being a fanatic of any other baseball team.