Saturday, May 19, 2012

And The Trades Just Keep A Comin'...

...which is the greatest thing, because that's exactly why i hatched this blog.  i had no expectations beyond a vague hope there's other people like me who are into baseball cards and wanna trade to build our collections.

 as a number of us have pointed out here before, it takes all kinds to fill our world.  the cool variety of collectors, posters, readers and cardboard aficionados i've encountered  since i first launched ATBATT was something i had no idea was waiting for me out here in the blogoworlds.  a cool surprise indeed.

my latest trade was made with marcus over there, all the way to the backstop.  marcus is a fan of the Dodgers division rival san diego padres.  if you're not linked to it yet, git over there and check it out. homeboy truly loves his team.  too bad he chose the wrong one, but nobody's perfect. 

his blog still has the showroom smell, that's how new it is, but he's already established himself as a great trader, and generous at that.  let's check out what he sent over to me in our latest trade.  leading off with cool G.Q. action...

dig this: kershaw  bringing it.  framed version.

dig this: the greatest catcher ever.  davey concepcion lurking.  2 HOFers on one card.

dig this: of course, no intro needed.  check out the bat speed blur on the end of the bat. i'm gonna submit this as my entry into the 'card with the most people in it' challenge.  there's even a row of standing room only people up at the top there.

those G.Q,'s were the cards that i requested for trade.   even though marcus is a die hard padre fan, this is a good thing, because he's gonna have Dodgers cards to move along, same as i have padre cards to banish (unless it's a cool tony gwynn insert).   marcus tossed into our trade a handful of extra Dodgers cardboard from a few sets.  here's a sampling....

the straw's stay with the Dodgers was short-lived and semi-eventful at both ends of the definition for 'eventful'.  he was the hometown boy returned from frosty new york, who was supposed to be a franchise player with his bat and gloveaside from a few sporadic highlights, he didn't give us much.  at the wrong end of eventful, he made huge headlines and wore out his welcome when he and eric davis drove a golf cart through innocent Dodgers fans whilst tossing firecrackers at them.

was the LA Times talking about a certain  light-hitting, error-prone Dodger's shortstop?  oh, you weren't referring to jose O-fer-man?   who remembers this one.. Q: How do you spell 'offerman'?  A:  Oh - eff - eff, and a then a whole buncha 'e' s.  

pedro's bad-ass brother, the ace of the staff.

jay howell was an awesome pitcher who famously got caught cheating (?) in the '88 championship series against the mets.  (see: pine tar)   THAT was a hard fought series just to GET to the WS against the A's.  A great series with more Gibby heroics, Scioscia HR's.  It was an action packed, nail-biter series.  much harder to win than that WS in my opinion.

here's a great shot of old time Dodger Stadium with the old 76 ball there in the background

dig this: the 'k' boys

THANKS for a great trade, marcus, and have a great weekend, everybody !

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