Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Met A Bobble At Bobblehead Night

hey everybody.  i went out to the ballgame last night.  had to, as it was the bobblehead giveaway and special night to honor the HOF Dodgers infield i grew up with; the great iron infield of Ron Cey, Steve Garvey, Bill Russel and Davey Lopes.  i shot some great pics and got to meet a fellow Dodger blogger, Dodgerbobble.

Let's go the ballgame...

rolling in from the east. here we come...(i know, my brother-in-law needs to wash his van)

the friendly neighborhood ticket scalpers.  everybody's got 'em.

a beautiful sight indeed

this is why Dodger chicks are the bomb. check out this car we followed into the lot. erica's got mini-dodger helmets in the rear window, and her bug is Dodger Blue !

here comes a crew of Dodger choppers.  as if loud ass harleys aren't enough, the last chopper had his sound system super loud playing East LA oldies.  I love it !

we had seats on field level, but they were a bit far out, so we decided to try out some open seats behind the plate.

these seats will do.  we had a great view of Steve Garvey and ex - Dodger manager Bill Russell (in the Brooklyn Dodgers shirt).  when Russell got the managing gig, that forced Mike Scioscia over to the angels, and we dodger fans know what happened after that. WS angels.  *sigh*  the only good thing about that was watching jinx manager dusty baker's bay boys blow it.

when i met Dodgerbobble later during the game, he mentioned Garvey is a very tough auto to get.  This night i noticed Garvey signing autos for just about everyone.

here he is telling somebody (for the thousandth time) how he came THIS CLOSE to owning the Dodgers. 

then i noticed Matt Kemp over by the left field wall signing autos. i dashed over there and got a few shots.

of course, there was a ton of people down there

i returned to the seats and decided to check out my prize of the night - the great bobble head.  here's a shot of the box.

here's the backside.  i wonder where Garvey was signing these boxes?

presenting, the bobblehead

heres the boys taking to the field to throw out the ceremonial first pitch

The Infield circa 2012

the pitch !  well, a second after the pitch

then the boys gathered round and saluted Vin Scully up in the pressbox

Scully smiled and gave them a thumbs up

then, as thier final act together as a group, they announced Vinny's nightly welcome to the crowd, "It's Tiiiiiiime For Dodger Baseball !" 

next post: the game and 'is it racist' ?


  1. Some day I need to catch a game at Dodger Stadium—great pics!!!


    1. thanks for the compliment, shane. yeh, you gotta make it out to the Ravine. Tommy said it best, it's Blue heaven on earth.

  2. Great pictures! It was nice to finally meet you. I think a few of us Dodger bloggers need to get together for a game. It would be a great time.