Monday, May 7, 2012

The Hated Ones Arrive

So here it is...the orange and black set foot in chavez ravine for the first time in 2012.
while rushing home to catch the game on the tube, i received a text from my old lady.  it read "you got cards in the mail !"   yet another reason for stray dogs and little old lady drivers to stay outta my way !

i missed the first inning, but i did find packages from Brian at Play At The Plate and The Dutch Card Guy.  Sweet :)
this isn't the official trade post...but within thier packages they sent me a couple of sweet cards that i can feature here in this post to celebrate the first of the Dodger STOMPS over the friscos.

what a beautiful card of some guy from the hated ones. BOOOO!  this is courtesy of Play at the Plate. 

awesome sheffield card, coutesy of the dutch card guy.  this is the pose the Dodger hitters will be striking over the next 3 games as we pummel that team from the bay.

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