Friday, May 25, 2012

A Crackin Giveaway and Grande Trade

Hey everybody,

Happy Friday out there. Hope your past weeks were good and the upcoming weekend will be even better. 

Recently I participated for the first time in a great - and super generous - program over at Crackin' Wax.  Why is it so great, you ask ?  because topher over there at CW simply opens packs and then gives those cards away to the rest of us - just for the askin !  if that aint cool, then what is?  let's check out what i claimed for meself...

most of you who read ATBATT know that besides the Boys in Blue, my next collecting passion is HOFers.  I've long collected the Ryan Express and here's one more for the binder.  way to rock them old school nikes and stirrups, fireballer.

picking up this cool Gherig makes me feel luckiest...luckiest...trader in the

5 WS rings, 8 time all-star, cy young winner, a friggen PERFECT GAME, his number 27 retired by oakland - and - wings of hair.

pulled in my first tony gwynn card.  i secretly fear we're gonna trade gwynn and he's gonna blossom into an awesome center fielder for another team.  till then - go gwynn !   p.s. BOO ! for that orange and black lurker.

and now for something almost completely different, a trade.  a couple of months ago nachos grande posted an awesome relic card that i absolutely hadda have.  we worked it out, and i'm one happy trader...

besides the ryan express and the iron horse, i also collect the greatest catcher ever.  here's bench delivering one more souvenir into the outfield seats.
..and finally...the cool card that sparked the trade....

speaking of HR blasters, presenting reginald martinez jackson.  when nachos posted this, the first thing that caught my eye was that totally awesome gold swatch.  as nachos knows, i don't really dig the minis like fellow bloggers night owl  and the daily dimwit.  but man oh man, this card was calling out to join my reggie collection.  when i opend my trade package, i saw a cardboard beauty.  it's now one of my favorite relic cards.

THANKS for the cool free cards and the great trade, gentlemen !

next post: trade bait

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