Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Trade at the Plate !

hey everybody,

it's a very nice day outside here in warm LA.  how's everything in your state/country/hollow?

following up today with a trade with Brian over at Play At The Plate.  our trades don't overflow with tonnage, but they do have focus, and that's very cool as well. 

I'm not collecting this year's heritage, but kaline definitely falls into the HOF players that i collect.  this is the card that caught my eye and got our trade started.  

being the cool trader he is, brian included a few more. since i'm not buying 2012 topps, these are great extras that are very much appreciated.  the ryan express being another one of my favorite players to collect.

diggin' that 1939 patch on joe d's sleeve.  let's all give a tip o' the cap to the dude who sealed the deal with marylin monroe.  atta boy, joe.

finally,my nomination for induction into the MLB Hall Of Infamy.   mr. bat to the head marichal.  first he hunted heads with his fastball, then with number 32 ash. BOO!  

which leads me to a proposal for a posting or comment bat-around.  if you'll take up the offer, fellow bloggers and readers - Who do you propose for induction into the Baseball Hall Of Infamy ?  choose your own criteria and write on....

THANKS for the great cards of some great HOFers, Brian.  looking forward to our next trade.

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  1. Glad you liked it so far. I'm sure I'll have more to send your way before too long!