Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Bobblehead Game Part 2

hey everybody,

...and a pleasant good evening to you, wherever you are.  here's the second part of my photo post from 'The Infield' bobblehead game.  let's get to it...

there goes Bill Russell, Ron Cey and Steve Garvey after tossing out thier first pitches.  Davey Lopes, who coaches first base for the Dodgers, has already dashed off into the dugout.

here comes the first pitch of the game ( it was a STRIKE!) 

here's Tommy Lasorda sitting with (we thought) recently fired angels batting coach, Mickey Hatcher.  over in the front row, you can see the back of Magic's head. 

what do you think ? is that the back of Mickey Hatcher's head?

  there's Lopes coaching at first.  I love the way this photo captures everybody - including umps - dashing into position for the play.

Kemp's first at bat on returning from the DL.  although as i write this, there's a chance he's headed back to the DL again.  dang it ! here comes the 'is it racist?' portion of the night.  I'm mostly joking, but check it out.  here's the scene: 3rd inning.  the know-it-all gesturing in the photo below was a couple of rows behind us loudly pontificating to everyone within earshot about 'The Infield', and how he grew up watching them play.  oh, they were the most classic Dodgers of them all,  and they were HIS team ... and blah, blah, blah.

and i quote:  "there they are, all on one bobblehead...Ron Cey, Steve Garvey, Bill Russell, and...Pedro Guerrero."   really?  the non-white guy is Pedro Guerrero?  LoL  please, enlighten us further, master. 

I almost forgot to mention, the meeting of the bloggers.  Since this game was special, i sent a feeler out to Dodgerbobble to see if he was coming out as well.  Turns out he was, so we met during the 6th inning, right as Andre Ethier was hitting a double to cut the brewers lead down to 2-1.  Joshua was very cool and friendly.  i didn't get a pic because i left my camera back at the seats.  maybe next time.  It was a real pleasure to meet you, Joshua. 

9th inning, we're losing 2-1.  Matt Kemp trying to get a rally going.  He hits a full count double !!

next man up - Andre Ethier gets hit by a pitch.

9th inning, two men on......double play :(

last chance Loney comes up.  two out, Kemp on third....

Loney grounds out.  *sigh*   Mattingly shoulda gone with a pinch hitter.

game over.  we lose.  proof my brother-in-law is a jinx.  good night, everybody !


  1. More great pictures! You going to Mike Scioscia bobblehead night?> If you are, let's meet up again, we'll have a beer.

  2. yup that's hatcher. roberto posted a link to jon soo hoo's pics and there are a bunch of hatcher pre-game

  3. bobble- dunno yet about that scioscia night, but i'm thinking i want that bobblehead - LoL. you mentioned a Dodger blogger night at the stadium, that would be great. i'll make a post about it later today.

    gcrl - thanks for the tip about the other photos. were you at that game too?