Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend GQ Trade Bait Part Dos (and Pimpiology)

happy sunday, everybody.  here's the rest of the GQ trade bait, with a couple of blog news tidbits in between...and don't forget to stay till the end of the post, to see the awesome bonus i got in the group break...

 newsbit 1. if i recently made a comment on your blog requesting cards for a trade, this weekend i sent emails out to follow up and make offers.

newsbit 2. if i commented about proposing a trade and i have not followed up, please let me know, it's possible i forgot. 

 newsbit 3. Putting on my LA pimp hat, i'm letting you all know there's a very cool, very free contest over at 30 Year Old Cardboard.  it's in celebration of HALF A MILLION blog hits ! aint that cool?  git on over there and join the fun.  

mini sliding stars

 newsbit 4. in my last GQ post, Dimwit laid claim to all my available minis. (that's GREAT!)
 so dimwit, i'm giving you first dibs on these here minis, but i don't wanna just assume you want all of them, so i'm requesting you claim them (if you want em) in comments.  thanks, bro.

these are all miiiiiiinnnnnnniiiiiiis:

mini SP photo variation

straight back mini RC

newsbit 5. i mentioned yesterday how the first half of the break wasn't the best for me, but the second half really made up for it.  i didn't post any of my keepers from the break (this time), and there were some beauties.  however, included in my package from cameron was an awesome bonus.  he pulled this during the break, and he told us it would be randomly inserted into someone's package who had not received a hit.  i won it !  

wooo - hooooo   a very cool win  :)

 THANKS for the great break, cameron.  THANKS for reading everybody !  have a great sunday..
10 minutes till first pitch, Dodgers and cubbies....


  1. Yes, I would love those mini's!!!! I love GQ mini's!!!!!!YAY!!!!

  2. I would also be interested in that Gypsy King...

  3. cool, dimwit. all yours. Gypsy king too