Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yet Even More GQ Trade Bait

hey everybody. how's the weekend?  the Dodgers have already won today over at the friendly confines, but i missed the first 6 innings.  i gotta remember tomorrow's start on TV will be early for us out here in LA. 

i was in a pretty darn good break that cameron hosted over at cardboard heaven.  i say pretty darn good because it was a two box break, which usually bodes well.  two boxes, double the chances, right?  after the first box was done, i felt my team was sputtering (3 cards), while all the other teams around me were mad scoring. 

the second half of the break definitely locked me in and i ended up with a nice fistful of cardboard when all was said and done.  hmmm....i'm claiming that name right now for my next blog..." A Fistful Of Cardboard".  don't that sound grand? 

i think you'll agree there's some tasty trade bait in here, and the best part of the break, was a bonus that i got bcuz only cameron rocks his bad-ass breaks like that.  you'll see what i mean later.

i had the A's for my second team.  Here's a few for you A's collectors, or set builders...

young Regggiiieeee !! 

he looks like his line drive just nailed a rabbit in the outfield

how about a coupla Dodger trade baits !!....

tomorrow: part 2, plus miiiinnnniiiiis !

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  1. Sweet Reggie! I am going to have to grab one of those.