Monday, October 3, 2011

FIRST TRADE in the books. (w/ baseball dad)

 Just this week, i completed my first trade.  trading was the whole pretense behind my starting this whole blog adventure, so it feels extra sweet for me.
i sent baseball dad some manny ramirez's and some cool albert belles; the star cards of what he sent me follow.  it was easy as pie to get the trade done and baseball dad gave me some good advice for shipping and packing. my package to him was practically wrapped in steel and weighed in at 45 pounds. LOL  safety first, right?
i know that my banner says all cards posted are for trade. well, none of these are offered for trade.  it seems to me the proper protocol in the blog world is post your trades. so, here's the hits of my trade loot:

can never go wrong with jackie. yeh, the borders are simple, but the colors on the photo are amazing.

my first drysdale where he's not sharing the card with another e.r.a. leader or something like that. again, awesome photo.

i remember when the straw was a dodger. he had a few good games - but mostly, he just wanted to party and throw firecrackers at fans.

love this card. i pulled a few of these '1st day issues', but never pulled a dodger. i get my first one in a trade, and it's the ace -  RAMON !

this is an embossed card that baseball dad tells me was an insert from the 65 topps set. oddball (?) insert, early topps foil, and my first tommy davis ! nice

i pulled one of these duos with jeter and cano. *yawn* now THIS is a good one.

how about russel martin - he just might get to the series. i wonder what kinda season he woulda had hadda he stayed in LA? and a sweet campy in action card.

totally diggin this card !! it's now my top kershaw card. it's an auto... in a frame, dude!

a super design mike piazza. brilliantly foiled, and the photo jumps off the card.  thanks baseball dad, for a great trade.                                     


  1. Gee, I was actually someone's " first" !! Glad you liked the cards. There is some other Dodger competition out there and I have some Tribe competition as well, but we all seem to work, and get along together.

  2. That Kershaw is sweet! A nice first trade without a doubt!

  3. yeh greg - thanks for the compliment. there's a couple more trades in the works now. someday maybe i'll hit 100 also.
    thanks to all you fellow blogger/traders out there who help build this community, and as baseball dad says, make it all work out.