Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Zin-zinatti Reds (as vinny calls 'em) vintage alert !

Let's start with some vintage HOF from tony perez 1970 topps

Artist proof.  only 1000 produced. not serial numbered

die cut

another artist proof

newest HOFer

 awesome johnny bench action card.  76 topps

more bench.  71 topps

from the kmart set

check out the dodger stadium pavilions in the background.


  1. Would love that 70 Perez and 71 Bench still waiting for the email i have lots of Dodger goodies!!

  2. howdy wicked man - sent you an email last tuesday (oct. 11) check yer spam folder. glad u found more cards you like. gonna re-foward that mail now. lemme know if you dont receive.