Saturday, October 8, 2011

Traded with ben at baseballcardsrule...

traders in this blog world are so generous, i can certainly learn a thing or two.  being a rookie to trades, i misunderstood ben's trade offer. he was very cool about it, and in the end, he sent me a great batch of cards. thanks, ben. these cards will be well loved.

kuroda did the dodgers a solid when other teams wanted him at the trade deadline, and he chose to stay with dodger blue. i knew he would. its that loyalty thing that too many american players dont understand anymore.

righteous shawn green card. the dodgers logo is raised.

el canon. back in the day before every player had a 'sleeve' of tats...mondy got 'el canon' tatted on his arm. before kemp, this guy was the dodgers first ever 30-30 man.

"world series co-mvp". how awesome is it to walk around and be introduced like that? pedro knows.

i hated to cheer for an ex-giant, but kent brought some intensity and a big bat, when the dodgers sorely lacked it. say what you will about his seriousness, homeboy always played all the innings.

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