Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Small Trades Rock Too !

To the followers of my humble spot here in the blogo world, thanks again.  i recently gained 2 new followers.  some of my fellow bloggers gain 2 new followers an hour, but like i said...i run a humble little blog over here.  
what's interesting to me is the fact my blog page rarely loads the 'who's following' widget properly, so i can't even see who you are, but i kinda like the mystery in that.  some of you all probably just follow the ATBATT gals above !  i'll have to put up an image of Robby Robinson in the header and see if readership drops right off the proverbial cliff.   

my last couple of posts were centered around mega-trades with massive amounts of cardboard exchanged.  while extra cards are ALWAYS cool, sometimes trades are a little bit more..in focus. 1 card for 1, or 3 for 2, like that.   here's a group post of some small trades that are every bit as awesome to me as the mega-trades.  first up is a mix of 2 trades with kyle over at jabo's.

i'm not a big fan of this upper deck design, although i collected the sets that introduced it from hammerin' hank and the ryan express.  that said, i dig this kaline card. i always thought of him as that tigers hitting machine, but now i learn he set detroits iron man record as well.  hey tiger fans, does he still hold that record?  finally, it's numbered goodness. only 150 of these babies. i hold one. cool.

my first bills auto.

when i first saw this card, i thought it was a reprint, the gloss is that good and the colors are THAT vibrant. schmidtty's uni jumps offa that card. a most excellent hunk a cardboard. 

got these next 2 from robert over at $30 a Week Habit

love that peek down the line from behind the mask.  this is johnny b. in his prime.

the last 2 come from tom at the angels, in order.  Dodger's vintage.
now presenting, the next owner of the LA Dodgers. i think the garv strikes out on that one.  either way, a GREAT addition to my garvey PC.   THANKS for the trades, gentlemen !


  1. Love the Bills, congrats on landing an auto of his!

  2. I am a huge fan of the 2008 Heroes set, but then again I love rainbow sets in general.

    I still need that Ted Sizemore for my rookie cup collection in case you ever get a 2nd one.

  3. greg - thanks, dude. i really dig that signature.

    hiflew - duly noted. i'll keep you in mind.