Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trade Bait: '94 Gold Leaf Rookies

Up next is a 1994 leaf insert set. there are 20 rookies altogether, with the first 10 inserted into series 1 packs, the next 10 were pulled from series 2.  the series one checklist  is clearly the winner - IMO - as the biggest name to come from the set is manny.  on the other hand, manny is manny. 

luckily, there are a couple of other fan-faves in there.  i'm not emotionally attached to this set, so almost any offer will do, short of a kick in the knee.  i just wanna get this out there in case somebody is collecting this set, or wants to. 

this is the series one group, all 10. 
1 Javy Lopez
2 Rondell White
3 Butch Huskey
4 Midre Cummings
5 Scott Ruffcorn
6 Manny Ramirez
7 Danny Bautista
8 Russ Davis
9 Steve Karsay
10 Carlos Delgado

its a dark looking set, but the background is semi- shiny gold, with a gold foil stamp.

here's a couple shots of the backs

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  1. That Carlos Delgado in catcher's gear is pretty cool. Not cool enough for me to want to own it, but I will admire its aesthetic beauty.