Sunday, January 8, 2012


 Those of you who read my last post know that i recently received a trade package from Night Owl.    before i go on any further, real quick-like, i gotta say THANKS! to all of you who follow ATBATT on a regular basis.

moving right along to that trade with night owl.  i kid you not, when i first picked up that mailer it felt like there were two books in there !  books with the dimensions of baseball cards, and both thick with baseball illustration, history and trivia.  to quote night owl, this batch was 'a little bit of everything.'  yeh, it was.  inside this package of Dodger awesomeness i found...

new cards (mini too!)

sweet relics

friggin' kanji !

a reprint of an ex-favorite Dodger


a racist G.M.  "blacks don't swim because they can't float"

originals of ex-favorite Dodgers

commemorative moments cards

cards designed beautifully

vintage bad-ass pitchers
numbered goodness

a good sampling of old time Dodger Heroes. first up is Newk

The Man

the original Pee Wee (tequila!)

the Duke of Flatbush

catchers from the 70's (thanks for the fergies, N.O.!)

catchers from the 80's

catchers from the 90's

 WS subset cards !


mini 3-D

sweet vintage

and old time Dodger skippers

tommy sez - "Not only is tha (bleep) Night Owl tha (bleeep) blogger of the (bleep) year, he knows the (bleeep) glory of (bleepin') Dodgers cards (bleeeeeeep)!"

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  1. That Night Owl's got too many Dodger dupes.

    Happy to help out. We can start another in a few weeks!