Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Dark Hole Of Unbelievability Has Eaten My Team, and a trade post

hey everybody,

what the heck happened to my Dodgers?   I absolutely cant believe the way the Boys in Blue seem to be playing the game these days stuck in reverse gear.  SHEESH ! 

tomorrow i'm sure everything will be different because our "number 2 starter who pitches like a number 5 starter" (chad billingsly) will march to the mound at the bay.  hey bills, if you were ever gonna toss a no-no, this would be about the time to do it, son.

on the bright side of the Blue, i got some great new Dodger cards from a trade with Baseball DadLet's check em out...

ANYTIME one opens a trade package and out falls a Kirk Gibson, TIS is a good trade package.  does it look to anyone else like Gibby is heat hallucinating and is swinging away at those imaginary o-pee-chee elfy things?

Brad Penny rocked that Dodger Stadium mound many a time.  he had a humongous barreled out upper body. i would ab-so-lut-ly hate to face his fastball.

 besides the Dodger's stinking up the bay today, here's the story that's gonna be missed.  despite how bad that game seemed, Kershaw gritted it up and actually threw good enough today that he shoulda won.

didnt see the box score yet, but it was a long, hard slog for kershaw, and he kept the boys in the game all game long.  hell, the starting pitcher nutted up and held the opposition to 2.  if he had ANY run support, it woulda been a different ball game.

they're gonna say Kershaw got out pitched.  'he lost because he gave up that homer. ' nope. that's not why he lost.  Kershaw gave his team a fighting chance to be in the game.  score an average of three runs a game, and you win games just like today's.  we lost because the offense is in a serious-ass funk, but also because of a bonehead decision by Mattingly.

in the 6th (?) inning we actually got a rally going.  shut out by 2 runs, we get 2 men on and Kershaw's spot comes up.  He kept us close and job done, he sits for a pinch hitter.  OK, standard managerial move - but Donnie B absolutely blows it !

Who does he send up in this clutch hitting situation? Manny Mota ? Not even close.  he sends up friggen wrong choice james loney.  really Mattingly ?  even though loney hits .500 against thier righty starting pitcher, he didn't get the start tonight.  why not? because obviously by choosing to bench Loney in the biggest game of the season up to this point - he's saying to all of us, the 'guy cant hit'. 

sooooo...with the game on the line, he sends up the guy who can't hit.  not...genius.  Send anybody but this guy and i bet we get more than that lazy fly he hit to the cavernous 400 foot center field.  Take your part of crow for this loss, Mattingly. 

 if bills should actually throw that no hitter tomorrow, it's still even money we lose with this offense. 

how about a great shot of the Bulldog at bat.  orel actually could knock that shite around.  steve bartman lurking.

here's another great card i never saw until it was mine. i guess Bulldog is mowing his lawn here, because he's certainly not in a standard LA cap.

good ol' Baseball Dad even tossed in some (also new to me) cardboard en espanol !

                                              THANKS for a great trade, Baseball Dad !

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