Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Contest Mojo Reaches Even Beyond Oceans

hey everybody,

hope all is well and good in your world tonight - especially in your world, roberto.  get well soon !

a long time ago i won one of the prizes in a contest over at the blog the fantastic dudes Martyn and Tony run, Cards Beyond Oceans.   It was a really fun contest with top prize of a Duke Snyder auto/relic.  I caught some luck and landed 6th place - but when i opened my package, the goods were so great, even though i didn't hit the snider card, i felt like i had won 2nd place !

i won a stack of cards from my favorite team.  in case you don't know which team that is - WHHHHAAAATTT !!!!!  of course you all know who my package was stuffed with - the Boys in Dodger Blue.  T & M sent me a whole lotta cool cards.   let's check out some highlights...

I never get tired of cards showing Gibby's awesome WS HR trot.  what an epic image.  my guy inside Dodger Stadium actually has this image tattoo'd on his arm!

I got a great stack of topps chrome.  this one is really nice with the modern shiny front and a cardboard back

how about martyn and tony tossing in a RELIC !  for SIXTH place ! wow, absolutely fantastic.  it's a great low numbered relic, and the shiny purple makes for a very attractive card face.

how about this cool catcher action? looks like we're at the toy car and giant soda bottle park, where martin's about to gun down some slow poke.

another GREAT addition to my winnings

one great thing is my winnings were chock full of product i dont usually buy, like bowman, goudey and topps chrome, so i got a hunka cards from favorite Dodgers that are new for my collection.

this is a great card - bowman platinum - that is really cheated by the scan, and the fact i didn't remove the card from it's toploader.  take my word for it, this is a great card.

more cards that are totally new to me. very nice additions for my fernando and pedro collections. 

man, this package even included Dodger HOF greats - both are players that i especially chase.

...and it included rookies ! Dodger fans are waiting for DeJesus to break out.  every time he gets his shot to play, he shows that he does have that special something to be a full-time big leaguer.

finally, a quartet of miiiiiinnniiiiiisss.
 as i said, this was just some of the highlights. it was a great contest and an equally great prize package. THANKS a bunch tony and martyn, for the fun contest.  perfect's fist pitch in the Dodger game.  talk to y'all later.  


  1. Every time I see that Martin card, I imagine him plunking that Giant in the back.

  2. haha i'll bet a buck that passed through his mind.