Monday, June 18, 2012

My Favorite Vintage Card (for Fuji and all of you)

Hey everybody...once again I let too much time pass between posts.  It happens to most of us bloggers at one time or another; life complications get between us and our blog, or we temporarily misplace the spark that gives us our ideas for writing, or we just get tired of applying pressure to ourselves to update daily.

I got hit with one of those life complications that just made my blog seem so unimportant, and at times left me with no energy to get back into the routine of keeping up with routines.  i'm trying to get back to once again, it's the contest over at Fuji's Chronicles that serves as my inspiration. 

i like modern cards as much as anybody else because i love the action of rippin' packs and finding what's inside.  however, my real love is in vintage, so it was especially difficult for me to settle on a favorite.

so  - let's start with the runner up...

1959 Topps   #550   Symbol Of Courage

both this runner-up and the winner were acquired back in the day when i regularly trolled through the local card shows.  i knew of the campy card and i wanted it.  since it's a high number it's a tough find.  I looked through many a dealers box before i could find one in good condition, and that fit my budget.  it took a while, but that campy cardboard finally got into my collection.

however, as yoda once said..." there is another"(or something like that).  presenting my favorite:

1964 Topps    WS Inserts    Game 1    #136

  i didn't even know this card existed - but, man oh man,  this card has it all !  it's the best Dodger's pitcher ever !  in the Fall Classic !  starting Game 1 !  and the headline shows he struck out 15 !!    the vintage photo is awesome.  it captures sandy in full stride about to bring the heat down on some hapless yankee.  the colors and shadowing are classic of baseball photography from the era.  this card just drips baseball and cardboard history.  whatta card, indeed.


  1. Nice choice...and I know what you mean about the struggle.

  2. Wow... that Koufax card is awesome! I've never seen it before, but understand why you love it. As for the Campanella card... that's been on my wantlist for years. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh... as for letting time pass between posts... I completely understand. I'll probably take a break as soon as I blow through this contest. I'm starting to run out of cards to write about and the blog post ideas are slowly starting to dry up.