Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Binder Page Heroes Number 42 Edition

i've got about 3 binder pages of Jackie Robinson, arranged in no particular order, other than being cards of Jackie, one of the greatest players ever. 

 Jackie doesn't have a laundry list of incredible stats built over a 18-20 year career like some HOFers, but he did revolutionize the game.  He wasn't a huge home run masher like mickey mantle, or a flashy player that showed a new way to play the game like ozzie smith, but he was a steady, intelligent player, a hard competitor, and a bona fide team leader.

99% of the time, when players are breaking records and changing the way the game is played, they are cheered on by the fans and encouraged by their teammates, but Jackie had to accomplish everything with outright racism coming at him from every direction - from people in the stands, from players on other teams, and even from his fellow Dodger teammates. he had to endure it silently, on a huge stage.  i can't imagine how tough that must have been. 

Jackie and i have the same birthday :)

remember how cool it was when we first saw these diamond anniversary cards?

 Jackie had to overcome hurdles that people kept tossing in front of him, but he was only able to succeed because others stood with him and backed him up when it was needed. when some Dodgers said they would not play alongside Jackie, manager Leo Durocher said, "I don't care if the guy is yellow or black, or if he has stripes like a fuckin' zebra. I'm the manager of this team, and I say he plays."  

 Pee Wee Reese famously put his arm around Robinson's shoulder in a sign of solidarity for racist fans to see. 

When the cardinals (and players on other teams) threatened to strike rather than share a field with Robinson, baseball commissioner happy chandler said he would suspend any player who went on strike.  can you see that kind of courage from bud selig? 

much has been said about topps recycling the same Jackie photos over and over again.  i'm not going to rehash that valid arguement, but i do appreciate when they design a great looking card despite using the same photo.

Jackie certainly put up some good numbers.  he was a 6 time all-star and played in 6 world series. twice he led the league in stolen bases and was a career .311 hitter.

three pages of Jackie Robinson cards, and not one original from his playing days. *sigh*

the man who inspired my blogger name, Jackie Robinson.

THANKS for reading!

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