Wednesday, October 24, 2012

World Series Heroes - The Mick

as i write this, Game 1 of the Fall Classic has begun and the bad guys are already winning 4-0.  sheesh !

 it's very, very early in the series, but momentum does matter in sports - as in all things - and i wish to add my two cents.  why not ? that's why i have a blog, right?  this is yet another example of what lousy scheduling MLB has given us.  the tigers have been sitting around waiting too long, while the other guys have been playing and keeping their bats hot.  and the series is starting waaaaay too dang late in the coldness of the year.  that said, lets move on...

ATBATT will be presenting some past heroes of the Fall Classic.  when i think World Series, there are some teams and some players that always come to mind.  mickey mantle is one of them.  if you were rooting for the N.L. team, you didn't want to see him coming up to bat in the Series, and if you were a yankee fan, you probably wished he could bat every other slot in the line up.

in keeping with the spirit of my last post, rather than show assorted cards from mantle, i'm showing cards from a mantle set that pinnacle released back in '92.  it's a 30 card set chronicling mantle's career and life.  i only have about a dozen, and here's 9 of them, Binder Page Heroes style.  if anybody has any of these, i would love to trade for them and eventually complete the set.

our first World Series Hero....Mickey Mantle...

THANKS for reading, everybody !


  1. I like # 14. The Triple Crown one.


    1. i'm glad you mentioned that one, moe. it's always been one fo my faves as well.