Sunday, October 14, 2012

HOF + Vintage + Value = Ebay Home Run

hey everybody,

when we think of the legendary players that are must-haves for our collections, there are names that we all agree upon, irregardless of our separate team loyalties.  names like mantle and aaron, Robinson and williams - even honus wagner comes to mind. 

in many instances we have to settle for modern cards because we rarely come across cards from their playing days, or the condition is lousy.  Sometimes the condition is right - but the price is more than we can afford or really want to pay.  after all, it's just cardboard, right?

while trolling the bay last week i spotted a 3 card lot of roberto clemente originals with a starting bid of $4.65 - shipping included.  SAY WHAT ???  three original cards of the greatest pirate ever, the guy some say was the greatest right fielder ever, for less than a sawbuck ?

taking a page from jeff over at My Sports Obsession, i opened the bidding at that paltry $4.65, and then forgot about it.  there were still 3 days remaining in the auction, and i was sure folks were going to bid me out of contention.

the clock ticked away, these cards were invisible to everyone else, nobody bid me up, and 3 days later, i won!  check em out...

'73 topps. some inkspots in the upper left, rounded corners. everything else, nice.

'72 topps.  i love these cards showing clemente in action.  small crease on the right side, off-center, otherwise this card is in pretty good condition.
...and now for people who enjoy 'well loved' cards...

i'm not sure what the reason was for writing '68.'69 and '70 with a star because clemente missed the all-star game in '68 - but he did win gold gloves in those years.  that card was the chewiest of the lot, but i've gained a new appreciation for cards with character, thanks to you all out there, so i appreciate this one for it's personal history.

...and all for under five bucks. 


  1. Wow...fantastic pickups! I would've taken that deal all day long.

    The '73 may well be my all-time favorite baseball card. That "well-loved" '68 is great!

    1. thanks for the comment, nick. i agree, that '73 is awesome.

  2. Feels great when you hit something that awesome so cheap, doesn't it?

    1. yup - it's a small thing, but it really does feel great.