Saturday, November 3, 2012

Plashke, Thy Trade Packages Are Awesome

hey everybody,

a wise blogger once said, "hootie hoot, nobody trades like a fellow Dodger trader".  once again, those words are proven right.  Greg, from the hipster celebrity blog, Plashke, Thy Sweater Is Argyle,  and myself put together our first trade last week.

Why would i call his blog 'celebrity hipster'?  perhaps you out-of-towners know that his blog is named after a sports reporter for the LA times - and his blog's namesake actually had a mini-tweet conversation with Greg, which he later shared on his blog.  go over there and check it out.

it was a 99% Dodgers for Dodgers trade that was actually spawned by an autograph card i had from angel pitcher jered weaver.  jered, by the way, is brother to former Dodgers pitcher, Jeff Weaver.  that card (along with a couple others) went off, and i got lots of Dodgers goodness in return...

 these action packed cards are very cool.  they have an embossed feel. the outline of the player is raised, as are the borders and text.  anytime Brooklyn Dodgers are included, it's a good trade.

i need more cards of Dodger Stadium's first ever speedster, Maury Wills.

unfortunately for Mr. Branca, his main claim to fame was serving up the pitch that bobby thompson hit for "the shot heard round the world".   rest easy, Ralph it's since been discovered the other team was stealing your signs. 

now, the jewel of the trade. beautiful blue tint and high gloss.  serial numbered, and a low number at that.  Sutton was the ace Dodger pitcher of my youth.  i saw him pitch a one-hitter at Dodger Stadium.  this card is extra cool for me because it features a bat - for a pitcher. this is old school N.L. all the way. 

here's a nice assortment of Dodgers whom i totally forgot existed. 

Trevino was a so-so slap single hitter (not too often), and Stubbs was a so-so power hitting threat (also not too often).

if the game is on the line, and you need one clutch hit to win - hand the bat to Manny.  game over.

i also got some new Kemps 

just when i thought i had every Dodger card from this year's topps, along comes a new one!  the extra bonus is i was at that game, so this one is a cool memory card for me.

THANKS for a great trade, Greg!  


  1. The Action Packed set was sweet. Totally underrated set from back in the day.

  2. thanks for the trade! planning to get my end up this Friday.

    and I can safely say this is the first time anything about me has been associated with "hipster" haha.