Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vintage League Leaders Trade Bait

hey everybody,

here comes some 1976 topps league leaders.  there are a total of 15 if you want to collect all of the '76 leader cards.   among those not included here are cards featuring the top firemen, ERA and victory leaders.   that said, check out this line up of yesterday's heroes...

i love vintage cards with vintage stadiums in the background.  those levels behind dave kingman look like they go straight up!

rivers looks like he still can't believe they actually pay him to play ball.

names that just ring 'old timer'.  how about those cartoon graphics!

i love the way these cards give you their '75 numbers at a glance.  i don't know who george scott is, but i wanna party with any dude sporting those superfly chops.  

after Lopes, everybody else's numbers fall off the map.  nice.

Luzinski with a classic '70's baseball face.  where's the spitoon?
THANKS for reading!