Friday, November 2, 2012

Trading With Kings and Mysteries

hey everybody,

with baseball over until next year - man, i hate saying that - i'm feeling pretty happy that i can get my baseball fix through our blogosphere.   my next couple of posts will feature some recent great trades i made. 

today's post starts with 2 hearty THANK YOU's to my trading partners below, but there's one small problem.  as i write this, i can only positively identify one, the great blogger, Kevin from The Diamond King

the second trader's identity was lost, unfortunately, in my comglomerated jumble of trade packages coming in and going out, and piles of cards to-be-scanned, to be boxed, and to-be-bindered.

UPDATE:  the mystery trader was Mariner1, Larry from the very cool blog 1979 Topps

leading off with a small trade with The Diamond King...

a vintage classic
 Kevin posted a few cards for trade, and like a couple others of you out there, i jumped on my favorites and got a trade going.  this yaz and the clemente below are welcome additions.  the binder pages for these guys are slowly pushing out the reprints and adding in the real deals.  i love it.  it's like having baseball and American history in my hands.

clemente looking appropriately heroic with a lone flag in the distance

this HR leaders card is an update for me.  you might recall my first copy of this card from the Binder Page Heroes post featuring reggie.  the card above is moving in and my original is up for trade if anybody wants it.

here come the cards from Larry...

 this was a fantastic package.   in addition to the awesome vintage all-star above, i got groups of Dodgers from topps years in the 70's and 80's.  sweet stuff !

Cey: "Face hair rules!"   Boomer: "You said it, Penguin. Face hair, huzzah !"


reprint gold plated goodness

 here's a great shot of Ramon bringin' strike three to some hapless frisco player

 THANKS Kevin and Larry !

THANKS to everybody else for reading.  Next post: trading with a fellow Dodger blogger !


  1. The mystery package looks like some cards that I sent you I think. Glad you liked them!

    1. Thanks, Larry - mystery solved! Those cards were fantastic!

  2. looks like ramon is pitching in sandy eggo.

    i picked up some dodger vintage to send your way if you're up for a trade with another dodger blogger. i'll get them in the mail soon.

    1. good call on the stadium, bro.

      i'm definitely up for a trade! i'll start putting your package together as well.