Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A G-reat C-ard tR-ade L-ate Post

 Hey everybody,

Here's a great batch of Dodger vintage that came my way via Jim, who runs the awesome Garvey, Cey, Russel, Lopes blog, among a few others.  Wanna spend some quality time reading about cool cards from the past?  Check into Jim's blog repertoire. 

Before you indulge in that, however, let's go 70's!!

Don't look now, Claude.  The ball's already in your mitt.
Bits of beautiful old-time Dodger Stadium lurking back there. 
"Who am I? I'm the guy with the baddest mustache on the team.  That's who I am."

"Ahem.  The guy with the baddest mustache would be me."

"Amateurs. You gotta grow it below the mouth line and combine it with California locks."

Fast forward to the 90's and Fernando gettin' funky wit it....

Finishing up with a cool Dodgers auto.  Any pack o' cards with a Dodger autograph is a great pack!

THANKS for the awesome additions, Jim! 

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